Saturday, 19 January 2008

Top Three Awards Scooped by The Vault!

"Eighteen months ago The Vault was unheard of… JayKay Bak came out of nowhere to win 4th position in The Internet Marketing Awards as ‘The Most Valuable Membership Site of 2006’. Now that’s some achievement in itself, but when you consider The Vault’s placing was ahead of top marketer’s memberships from Henry Gold, Jason James and Ian Del Carmen – JayKay has performed something just short of a miracle!"

Results just in for 'The Internet Marketing Awards 2007'. The Vault and Jay Kay Bak scooped the number one position in no less than
Three Categories!

"Male Internet Marketer of 2007"
Jay Kay Bak

"Best Products Membership"
The Unselfish Marketer

"Best Membership Services 2007"
The Unselfish Marketer

"The Internet Was Asked
And Has Spoken..."

...The effect? An unstoppable stampede of hungry marketers! All eager to secure the remaining places in The Vault, before Jay Kay slams the door shut right after the 1000th spot is filled (he’s even hinted it might happen BEFORE that, to maintain the membership’s exclusivity)

So, What's New in The Vault This Month?

Learn Exactly How to Setup and Use Xoops: Here is what You will learn from these videos: How to install Xoops from the Cpanel of your hosting account * How to install Xoops using the setup files * How to set up the subscription module * How to set up the payment gateway * How to set up user groups for subscriptions * How to set up your files for delivery * How to set up a members forum

Software that helps you in the process of making your own eBooks

How to install Moodle Videos: * How to set up your front page * How to set up courses * How to assign roles * How to change the look of your site * How to add functionality to your site using modules and blocks * And everything else you need to know to create your own teaching environment.

Disorders of The Brain: Find out what mental illnesses really are – we all experience stress, trauma and drama in our lives, find out here why some people are able to handle it well and others aren’t!Common mental illness triggers – and how to avoid them!6 common “root” causes of mental illness – learn how to identify these causes and determine whether yourself or a loved one is at risk for developing a mental illness!

BrainStorm Generator: Amazingly EASY Keyword Brainstorming Tool Will Instantly Uncover the Hottest, Most Profitable & Up-To-The-Minute Keywords With Absolutely No Input From You! Skyrocket Your Google Adsense or Adwords Profits Using the First Ever Intelligent Cyber 'Brain' Keyword Research Tool That Does All the Thinking For You!

Instant Membership Site Creator: Now You Can Create Your Own Residual Income Profit Producing Membership Site In Less Than a Minute.
This is so damn simple even my Mother-In-Law could do it.

Michel Fortin; Part Two: Follow up to Michel Fortin Brain dump 6 months later and Volume 2 is packed with more secrets, more sales boosting techniques and the latest test results from live sales pages. The new .pdf is packed with extremely valuable personal emails from Michel.

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