Friday, 18 May 2007

The Vault In Depth

Only nine short months ago The Vault was unheard of… JayKay Bak came out of nowhere to win 4th position in The Internet Marketing Awards as ‘The Most Valuable Membership Site of 2006’. Now that’s some achievement in itself, but when you consider The Vault’s placing was ahead of top marketer’s memberships from Henry Gold, Jason James and Ian Del Carmen – JayKay has performed something just short of a miracle!

So why is The Vault so valuable to it’s members? Many, many reasons! I’ll try to give you an idea of the magnitude of this site here.

The Vault is a true co-op. Membership fees are pooled for massive purchasing power, which continues to increase until the 1000 member cap is reached. Purchase records are open for all members to keep a track of where the money is spent.

Membership includes access to JayKay’s affiliate program; paying out 50% monthly recurring commissions for new member introductions. Add to that a whole string of products paying 90% commissions and already you can see a pattern of Over-Delivery emerging.

You’ll also find a whole bunch of extra privileges, when you sign up. Access further memberships including: Ultimate4, PodcastingPowerpak, MobileEbooks, MobileAudioBooks, BlogsForTraffic, TheContentDominatorClub, Internet-Business-Success-Stories, ElitelistSecrets, NicheMasterVault, ResellRightsCentral 1&2, OnlineSurveyMaster, UnselfishContactor (100 free autoresponders), ContentProviderPro and JvExecutive for free, and many more for just $1.

The latest member privilege is unlimited access to ‘JvManager Pro: Fantasos’ AND the whole lot is hosted for you! Which reminds me, you’ll be handed a free Pro Hosting Account too!

Phew! And I haven’t even begun to run through some of the hot-off-the-press Master Resale Rights, PLR and SourceCode Rights products to be found in your member’s area! I don’t even know where to start – you see, a brand new product is added to The Vault EVERY OTHER DAY – that’s right – a brand new business to profit from, every other day.

Ok, here’s a sneak peek of just the past month’s latest additions:

Bum Marketing Explained - USER License
My Early Days On The Net
Viral Marketing Tutorial - GIVEAWAY Rights
Explosive Niche-Rich Marketer Videos
Software Box Creator - PLR
Bad Credit
The Naked Vault v2 - 8 PLR eBooks Including Audio Files!
Success Graphics Web Design Package
Become A Niche Marketing Rock Star
4 Larry Dotson eBooks
The Newbie's Guide To Resale Rights - PLR
Grow Rich While You Sleep - PLR
Black Mold Secrets
Offline Marketing Strategies For Online Businesses
10 PLR Ebooks - Unrestricted PLR
Ranking Accelerator
Quilting Revealed 101 - Beginners Guide To Quilting
The Naked Vault - 24 (yup, twenty-four) PLR eBooks!
Word To Web Page Software
Data Manager Pro - USER License
Login Manager Pro - USER License
Database Magic - USER License
Ribbon Ad Generator
Use Joomla
Unstoppable Peak Performance
Squeeze Page Profit System - Combo Pack
A Craft Fair Goldmine
Bartending For Beginners
Private Label Rights Special Offer #6
Virtual Real Estate Tycoon
Clickbank Security Script Download Protection Page
The Simple Guide To Becoming a Dropshipper PLR eBOOK
Pitfalls associated with dropshipping.
3 IM Reports & 35 IM Articles
FREE Blogging For Profit
ChanDo Tracker Script
MySpace Success Guide
Write Like A Marketing Maniac
Domain Typo and Misspellings Locator
Search Engine Ranking Announcer
Double Your Adsense Clickthrough
Secret Traffic Strategies For 2007
Million Dollar Copy By Paul Myers
Find New Untapped Niche
Instant Web Graphics
How To Create CDs
10 Allport videos
How to Improve Your Memory
Incl. Adsense Site, Articles & PSD Graphics
Taming the Beast - Cascading Style Sheets
Viral Article Publishe
Easy Blog Traffic by Gobala Krishnan
Fast Content Producer
HTML Brander
Squidoo Profits
5 Hot Mini Sites!
Ultimate Steps To A Successful Header
How To Interpret Your Dreams
Website Sizzler
HTML Lockdown
Turbo Affiliate Link Generator
Second Chance Profits
How To Build Your Self Esteem
Snap Video Pro

…And that’s just in the last month! Can you imagine how much more great stuff there is in there?!

Are you paying for JV management? An Autoresponder service? Pro Hosting? And every new product as it comes on the market? Doesn’t it make sense to cut all those costs and pay less than $30 a month – for the lot?!

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and diving into The Vault, I’ll keep you updated, every week or so, on new developments and additions you’re missing out on...

All the best,

The Smart Marketer’s ToolKit

NB: As I write, there are less than 100 positions left at this low cost – when The Vault reaches 500 members, the price will be increasing…

Thursday, 17 May 2007

What is The Smart Marketer's Solution..?

There are numerous strategies for making money online – too many to list here, and some not worth mentioning at all.

One of the most popular, and lucrative methods is affiliate marketing. But why would you want to build a list for someone else, while taking only a percentage of the profits, when you could be building a list of hungry subscribers for yourself AND keeping 100% of the profits?!

In order for reselling to be successful, you need an ongoing supply of products to sell. Brand new, in demand ebooks and software can eat into your profits and not every product you purchase will sell as well as others.

But, there is a solution, a cost-effective solution – The Smart Marketer’s Resale Solution – and it comes in the form of membership sites.

Before we go any further – a word of warning – NOT ALL MEMBERSHIPS ARE THE SAME! Now, there’s an obvious statement, if ever you heard one – or is it?

How many memberships have you signed up for, only to find a couple of downloads inside, plus some other stuff you could pick up for free anywhere and a promise form the owner of making wild amounts of cash, just by giving away free memberships?

Well, you’ve not lost anything have you? After all signup was free. But, wait for it, here’s the kicker – your inbox is now filled with irresistible offers and you just can’t resist the spanking new, turkey, make your fortune, software, ebook, thingamyjig, biz in a box! The owner of the membership site has fulfilled their purpose – they lure you into their ‘circle of influence’, hand you an opportunity that looks to good to miss and ultimately turn you from prospect into Buyer – and remember Your purpose is to be a Seller!

You walk away with a bigger hole in your credit card, time wasted that could have been spent far more profitably and further disillusionment.

Help is at hand. There are, out there, webmasters who value you and your time, and are intent on aiding their members to becoming successful. They will offer you a Resale Solution.

  • A membership with new products constantly and consistently added;
  • An affiliate program which pays you a residual income for introducing new members – unlike the earlier examples, where your earnings are dependent on freebie seekers purchasing a one-time-offer;
  • Extra perks for your continued membership, such as free member status at other paid sites, or hosted services available to members only, or even free hosting for your websites;
  • Excellent customer service – where you, the member, really matters;
  • Training – how to use your products for maximum profiting, how to advertise effectively, plus marketing resources and tools.

Another important point to consider is simply this: How do you expect to make money by selling products that are freely available elsewhere?

But a small investment will provide you with a wealth of information, products, training, perks and multiple income streams – all while you build your own list of subscribers.

Make your own mind up, pay out for every new product that comes your way, or invest in a low subscription that open many more doors to you.

Whatever you decide, please make your choice a Smart Marketer’s choice.