Thursday, 19 July 2007

Feast Your Eyes...

"Only nine short months ago The Vault was unheard of… JayKay Bak came out of nowhere to win 4th position in The Internet Marketing Awards as ‘The Most Valuable Membership Site of 2006’. Now that’s some achievement in itself, but when you consider The Vault’s placing was ahead of top marketer’s memberships from Henry Gold, Jason James and Ian Del Carmen – JayKay has performed something just short of a miracle!"

Have you grabbed your key to The Vault yet? If you have, you'll know The Vault's un-ending value! And you're no doubt profiting wildly from your membership...
Or are you sitting on the sidelines, maxing out your credit cards, buying every new product that comes your way - individually? Remember, Vault members just ask JayKay and he buys it for you!

Newsflash! Newest Products added to The Vault...

'cPanel Magic'
- "How To Run Your Own Server Without Being a Propeller Head" - is a series of videos for the technically challenged!

2CheckOut EzyCash - "The Hassle-Free way of putting Cash in your Pocket"

- can be easily integrated into any website.
- is the most hassle-free and cost-effective way of doing it
- avoid manual hassle of receiving your commission / charges

2 Graphics Packages - PLR & MRR - The image to your left is just a small example of this huge .jpg and .psd package.

Buying Websites on Ebay
- Learn the importance of an included domain name and what you should be paying; Is the seller corrupt? Have they faked the value? What is the significance of Google's pagerank? Never buy a worthless site again!

Cash for Content
- A Solid step-by-step system you can use in the next 60 minutes to start generating real cash online!
Discover exactly how to create content that pays you.
Leverage your content to build a real online business, in the fastest possible time!

How To Create and Edit Podcasts - is a series of easy to follow videos...
1. Introduction and Production
2. Software Setup and Recording
3. Editing your Podcast
4. Place your Podcast on the Net
5. Your Hosting and Web Address

Micheal Fortin Brain Dump - "Marketing Prodigy Spills The Beans On All The Juicy Details Revealed To Him Over The Last 5 Months...
During His $300/Month Coaching Sessions With Million Dollar Copywriter Michel Fortin" You Are Not Going to Find This Caliber of Income Building Information Anywhere Else Period!

Panic OTO - Built in Coundown Timer - Using a One-Time-Offer is an excellent marketing technique that can make you tons of money! We all know that.

But imagine being able to make sure that One-Time-Offer is displayed ONLY ONCE to each viewer? It is a proven fact that people are more likely to read your offer if they know it's the only chance they'll get. A simple little marketing trick that will almost certainly boost your sales.

Friendly Tube - with Private Label Rights - Add New Friends And Comments To Your YouTube Account On Autopilot!

Get More Views of Your Videos, More TARGETED Traffic To Your Website, More Subscribers to Your Opt-In Page and More Sales 24 Hours a Day

You Can Also Use FriendlyTube to Send Messages To ALL of Your YouTube Friends On Autopilot!

Email Writing Secrets
- Writing Promotional Emails Is One Of The BEST Skills You Can Ever Master In Today's Competitive Market... And You Will Do Well To Read This URGENTLY Because In Just A Few Minutes, You Will Learn How You Can Turn Your Pen Or Keyboard Into A Wealth-Generating Weapon.

Media Autoresponders - Next Generation Media Auto Responder Software. Send Unlimited Text, HTML, Audio And Video Emails Automatically...

Plain Text Autoresponder Emails
HTML Autoresponder Emails
Audio Autoresponder Emails
Video Autoresponder Emails

Affiliate Postcard Generator - Both Audio & Video! - Two Solutions To Say Thanks To Your Customers, Friends Or Family Via Audio/Video...

Announcing A Little-Known Revolutionary Secret That Will Allow You To Finally Earn Hugh Affiliate Commissions With Audio-Video Postcards!

Create as many HTML Audio-Video postcards as you want
Insert and HIDE Your Affiliate Links!
Add video to your Online postcards
Add audio to your Email and Online postcards
Insert Your website URL
Insert Your picture
In less than 5 minutes, You can send out Audio - Video Affiliate digital postcards to Your customers/friends/family.!
NO HTML knowledge needed
...just fill in the blanks and a click a button!

1-2-3 DimeSale
- Do the words "script" and "install" make the hairs rise on the back of your neck, but do you want to run one of those HOT Dimesales yourself?

Now you can!!!

Without The Burden Of Having To Install A Complicated Script

In the last month alone, over FIFTY brand new Private Label Rights books have been added, many of which come with a sales letter, adsense site, articles, keywords, Google and Overture suggestions, an eCourse and in PDF format, as well as .doc!

Subjects covered in these ebooks include online dating, ipods, ebay, timeshare, time management, scrapbooking, greenhouses, entrepreneurs, HDTV, forex trading, operating systems, online poker, internet marketing, single parenting, manufacturing, spyware, adware, trademarking, weddings, home automation, baby boomers, sports nutrition, fitness, body building, stamp collecting, golf, boating, bronchitis, bipolar disorder, drug addiction, fly fishing, genealogy, meditation, iguana care, irritable bowel syndrome, VOiP, recurring income secrets, bed bugs, cars, sudoku, real estate, bass fishing, video games, identity theft, baby showers, crocheting, yoga, social marketing, bum marketing, plr and digital products, top ten google and MSN rankings, boosting self-esteem and achieving your goals...

How much would you pay for fifty plr ebooks alone? A LOT MORE than $29! And that's all it costs for your membership to The Vault - but a word of warning - the price WILL be increasing soon and membership is strictly limited...